The Advanced Housing Technologies management team brings extensive experience in the areas of real estate development and renovation, construction and finance as well as expertise in cutting-edge technologies and computer hardware and software systems.

Clovice Lewis, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

Clovice is a native of Mobile, Alabama and a veteran software developer. He is an expert in electronics, computer programming and technical documentation and has been owner of several multimedia consulting firms.

Gareth Logan

VP of Operations

Gareth is a logistics specialist with over 30 years experience in aerospace companies as well as experience at managing a government repair depot.

David Smith

VP of Engineering

David is an independent consultant for AHT and a multi-talented, brilliant circuit designer and electronic engineer. He has over 30 years experience with some of the nation's leading electronics firms.

Larry Luckock

Head of Research and Development

Larry is an independent consultant for AHT and former lead engineer and microchip designer for some of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, heads the electronics design group.