AHT Advantage

Advanced Housing Technologies' solution is unique and comprehensive.

Scalable and Flexible

AHT homes can easily be scaled to accommodate single family homes with up to 4 bedrooms, temporary offices or small retail space, and clustered together to create entire neighborhoods. Each home comes complete with all major ENERGY STARģ appliances, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.

And all of our models can be modified to accommodate persons with disabilities.

Self-Sufficient and Secure

Thanks to an innovative combination of energy sources, our homes produce their own extremely efficient clean energy, so they donít have to rely on damaged municipal utilities and services.

When AHT homes are clustered together, our unique system provides water, sewage and power to the community through standardized modular components.

With traditional emergency relief housing, utilities connections are placed above ground in sprawling, unprotected pipelines, leaving them exposed and at risk for further damage. AHT has centralized, protected utility lines to municipal services.

Sturdy and Environmentally Friendly

All AHT homes are built to ISO standards with environmentally safe and renewable materials that are durable enough to withstand earthquakes and hurricane-force winds.

Our homes create a healthier living environment because the materials we use do not give off harmful emissions. They also provide healthier air quality, thanks to better insulation, superior air filtration and energy-efficient radiant quartz heating and cooling.

Cost Effective and Comfortable

Our homes are built to last. Once they are no longer needed as emergency housing, AHT homes can easily be shipped to other communities in need, or reused as a guest cottage, home office or temporary property structure.

And best of all, AHT homes are comfortable and inviting. They bring a real homelike environment to families and neighborhoods in need.

Easy Transport, Quick Delivery

AHT homes can be quickly and easily transported fully-assembled over existing roads without commercial licenses, transport permits or special equipment.

As part of our services, AHT even provides training so local residents can be employed to assemble our homes, or work in maintenance and facilities management. We create valuable new jobs to help get people back on their feet again.

Thatís why we say, at AHT we do more than replace lost houses. We bring people home.